Motion Sensor Bulb & Sensor Ceiling Light

-If you need small power, you can choose sensor bulb.
-If you need powerful and brighter effect, please choose sensor ceiling light

Advantage 1, More convenient for your life

1,when your small kids want to go to toilet, it is convenient for such light. You do not need to get up to help them switch the light.
2,It make our life more simple.
3,When you install it on the gate, avoid the theif get in your home.

Advantage 2, Energy Saving & Saving your bills

It only work at night or in dark place, it will not work during the daytime, more energy saving

Advantage 3, High Brightness

Compared with normal led chips, our led chips is total differnet, we use upgrade chips, more powerful.


Q: When I stall it firstly, it keep lighting 5-10 minutes, is it normal?

A: Yes, it is normal, when you install it firstly, it need some times to reflect, then after some minutes, it will turn off, no longer lighting. If the lamp keep always light, it is defective

Q: How many time does the lamp last when detect people?

A: When detect prople at night, it will last about 30-40 seconds, then it will turn off

Q: Does it workduring the daytime?

A: No, it can only work in dark place, work at night


Suitable for many place, like storoage, corridor, gate, stair, toliet, ect