Meijuner BBQ Grill Mat Reusable Cooking Sheets Cooking Tool High Temperature BBQ Mat Non-stick Outdoor Teflon For Home Restaurant

Product Name: BBQ Grill Mat

Product Material: Teflon

Product Weight:50g

Product Specifications: 400*330*0.2mm


BBQ Grill Mat works for indirect cooking on gas, charcoal, and electric grills

Place mat on grill surface and food directly on mat.

Do not use above 500 Fahrenheit (260 Celsius) – use low to medium heat settings.

Do not use directly over open flame or heat source.

Follow all direction for indirect cooking from grill manufacturer.

Do not use sharp metal objects or utensils as they could scratch the mat.

The main application of Teflon oven tablets:

First, for food heating:

1. Cut the barbecue mat to the desired size and shape with scissors.
2. Place on a pan, pan or other container.
3. Place food on the baking sheet.
4. After the food is cooked, wait for it to cool, then remove the barbecue mat and wash it with wash water.
5. The barbecue mat can be used repeatedly.
Second, used as an oven gasket:
1. Electric oven: Place it on the bottom of the electric oven or on the grill below it.
2. Steam oven: On the underside of the drying rack, it cannot be placed directly on the bottom.
3. As a pretreatment surface, apply its anti-stick characteristics to the work surface of the dough.