Description: (ночник)
Applications: bedroom, baby room, drawing room, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop,
basement, garage,stairwell, oil depots, roof, door, garage entrances and other places.
Product parameters:
1.type: Motion Sensor night lighting
2. Model: LS-M03W
3. Power supply: 3 X AAA batteries (not included)
4.Power: 3W
5. Light color: 3000K Warm White/ 6500K Daylight White
6. Sensitive Angle: 120 degrees
7. Super sensitivity: 1-3 meter Distance
8. Working:
Ambient temperature <40 °C, Surrounding brightness <10LUX. Auto switching on when detecting people coming at night or a dark place. Open LED light source,When the human body to leave the sensing probe 15S,Close LED light source.
9. LED Qty: 6 LED
10. LED life: 30.000 hours or more
11. Light-emitting delayed extinction time: 10-15 seconds
12.IP Rating: IP50
13.Housing Material: ABS