45X45cm Roman Numer 3D Watch Acrylic Mirrored Digital Wall Clock For Living Room Modern Design DIY Home Decor

Color : as the picture

Size :Clock movement shell : 10cm; Other accessories are free combination of size, general built-up area is more appropriate in the 40-50CM.

Thickness : 1mm.

Material : Acrylic.

Display Type: Pointer.

Processing Technology : Laser Engraving.

Use : home decoration, creative clock, clock,3d mirror wall clock kids

Features : wall clock modern design ,wall clock diy 3d

Origin : China

Attention :

1. After the product has been installed,Please be sure to pull protective film completely OFF ! The finished product is very bright, Plz don't touch, don't rub!

2. This item needs 1pcs AA 1.5V Battery ( Our item don't including that battery).

3.The item picture only for your refrence, Actual effect according to indoor environment!

4.This is a decorative mirror,it is primarily a beautification effect.

Product Description:

1. Products can be use in living room, bedroom, study, dining.

2. wall stickers environmentally and fashion.

Acrylic :

Methyl methacrylate acrylic materials science. Features: high transparency,like crystal, three-dimensional sense of strong, light transmittance of up to 95%, “plastic Queen” of good reputation. Rich colors bright and non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean, never fade, non deformation. Environmental protection, heat and cold, corrosion resistance,long service life, the rain does not affect use etc.. Outdoor life is as high as 8-15. Mainly used for the door of the plane, tank etc.look-mouth and productionbathtub and other industries. After laser engraving technology and processing. Make all kinds of craftsexquisite eye-catching.