Hand Woven Basket Laundry Basket Storage Office Sundries Handmade Knitting Cotton Hamper



Material: Cotton
Model: Boat shape, Round
Boat shape (length * width * height):
L: 30*17*9CM, M: 26*16*8CM, S: 23*13*7CM
Round (diameter * high):
L: 26*10CM, M: 23*9CM, S: 20*8CM
Application: Clothes, books and magazines, cosmetics / jewelry, headset wire / wire, remote control, magnetic card, vegetables, fruits, stationery, CD, medicine, flowers
1. Made of high quality cotton. Non-toxic odorless, environmentally friendly.
2. It can be folded up when not in use, not covering.
3. Practical and good helper, could help to save the space.
4. It can be simple hand wash, hand brush or damp cloth can clean it.
5. Plain and simple storage barrels, cotton material, simple pastoral style, very seductive.

Package Includes:

1x Woven Basket